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Yukon College Courses
Courses Taught by Dave Rogers

From this page, you can view the online notes for all of the courses I taught at Yukon College between 2002 and 2011.

After 2011, the course materials moved to the College's proprietary learning management system and are not available publically.

Computer Studies courses

  • COMP118: Procedural Programming (Fall 2005 only)
  • COMP210: Database Design
  • COMP219: Systems Development I
  • COMP220: Web Application Development (was "Database Design II")
  • COMP225: Introduction to UNIX using Linux (Winter 2002 only)
  • COMP229: Systems Development II

Computer Science courses

  • CPSC100: Practical Computer Fluency
    (a.k.a. "Introduction to Computer Science", "Computers and Information Processing")
  • CPSC128: Object-Oriented Programming I (Winter 2005 only)
  • CPSC129: Object-Oriented Programming II (Fall 2004 only)

Other courses

  • RRMT137: Professional Practices in Renewable Resources Management (computer lab portion only)

Because of the pace at which the computer industry advances, the older course content may be out of date; use your best judgement when referring to this material. The occasional link may also be broken and some of the material--quizzes, assignments, grades, and so forth--has been removed.

All of the material on this site is published under an open source licence. You can read the specifics, but the gist of the thing is that, aside from a few restrictions, you can use the material however you'd like.

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